A chrome extension
for looking up kanji

Look up kanji characters while you browse, save them to your vocabulary bank, review them at any time.

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All in one place
for getting info

Kanjidex’s main purpose is to provide all the important information regarding kanji characters, such as the stroke order, the radical, and the examples to help you memorize it better and that’s just with a click or two from within your Chrome browser.

It uses the information from Jisho.org and Kanji Alive, and it allows you to save the information to the vocabulary bank.

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A shot of Kanjidex dashboard
A shot of Kanjidex dashboard

Export your saved
vocabulary to Anki

To help you with memorizing new words and kanji characters you can now export your saved vocabulary to Anki.

Quick Search with
one click

If you're in a rush while browsing the internet, you can highlight any sentence and get quick results with the right click of your mouse. As long as there's a kanji character in the highlighted text, there's going to be a result.

This means you don't have to always reach for the extension if you only need the basic information.

A shot of Kanjidex dashboard